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Spotlight on Young Musicians
Parent and Student Informatoin:

Location: The Kravis Center in West Palm Beach
Dates: May 2nd and 3rd, 2024



Rehearsal and Concert Schedule:

May 2nd: Rehearsal Day 
Bring Music Stands and copies of the music to the Kravis

  • Rehearsal is 5:30pm - 8:25pm

  • Plan to Arrive by 5:00pm at the Kravis center for parking

  • Band will begin rehearsal in the Cohen Dance Hall at 5:30

  • Band will be on stage for sound check at 7:45-8:25

May 3rd: Concert Day
Arrive in full Concert Attire 

  • Report time is 6:30 at the Cohen Dance hall.

  • There will be a warm-up and light sound check
    Parents please plan ahead to secure tickets and see your child perform. 
    Students should arrive to Karivs before their report time. 


Dress code:

Rehearsal day: school appropriate, represent your school well, no crocs!

Concert Day: Concert Uniform (Formal dress) required by your band program

This should include black shoes and black socks....

The same uniform from our All County Concert.

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